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History is filled with facts. But the emotions, the senses, and the places surrounding those facts can only be brought to life with the stroke of writer’s pen or in today’s world, a stroke of the keyboard. Then sprinkle it with imagination and you have a story that will make you laugh, cry, think, and perhaps even challenge your own beliefs.

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Now available from your favourite book seller!

The story of Nenshi, an Egyptian servant, seeking freedom and love.

It takes you back in time and explores ancient cities and civilizations.

It asks philosophical questions such as what it means to be truly free, what is the human spirit, and what it means to believe in a god?

It's a story sure to inspire and warm the heart.

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My Work

Now Available !

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In this tale of self-discovery and adventure, we are connected with a history we’ve come to know as the cradle of civilization.

An Egyptian house servant is caught in a rendezvous with a woman above his social status. As punishment for his indiscretion, he is exiled to labor in the Nubian gold mines. He escapes and vows to return to Thebes but his attempts push him farther and farther away on a journey mired with cruelty, bloodshed and deceit.

When letters are written on behalf of a friend and then turn into your own expression of love, it ultimately leads to guilt and a search for how to end the dishonesty.

Roberto had never learned how to write. Maria didn’t know this because she had just met him before he was sent to the front lines of North Africa during World War II. Roberto asks a fellow-soldier, Antonio, to write letters to Maria on his behalf. The secret is well hidden and even after Roberto’s death in battle, as the war continues, so do the letters.




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