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Vince Santoro

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History is filled with facts. But the emotions, the senses, and the places surrounding those facts can only be brought to life with the stroke of a writer’s pen or in today’s world, a stroke of the keyboard. Then sprinkle it with imagination and you have a story that will make you laugh, cry, think, and perhaps even challenge your own beliefs.

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My Debut Novel

Readers' Favorite
5 Star Readers Favorite

The Final Crossing asks some philosophical questions such as what it means to be truly free, what is the human spirit, and what it means to believe in a god? This story took me back in time and opened my mind to the wonder of being a human being. It’s a valiant and fulfilling story sure to inspire and warm the heart.

The Final Crossing by Vince Santoro

Judge, 31st Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


Vince Santoro had written a book that is hard to put down. He writes with depth and deep sense of belonging for his character Nenshi as he travels across the middle east, following his plan to return home. The characters are complex and believable. The pacing and suspense were done very well. Making the book a thoroughly enjoyable read. When I first read that Hordekef had put the papers in his chest, I thought he had put them there until he could take them to the courthouse. His intentional act of putting the papers in his chest shocked and hurt me. That is how invested the reader becomes reading this novel. It’s an example of how Santoro’s characters are real with human flaws like the rest of us.

In my experience there have been few authors that can write in such a way that naturally without effort creates a movie running in your mind as you read. I couldn't put the book down. The story is intriguing, thought provoking, exciting and educational. I think this story would make an amazing movie. I look forward to reading more from this author. Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend.

Amazon Canada review

Beautifully descriptive

The Final Crossing is written with the warmth and clarity of an author who truly has researched and fallen into the charm of distant Egypt. You will follow the path of the very likeable protagonist Nenshi. What fate or fortune awaits him in each chapter will have you turning each page with eagerness and hope. A fantastic read. Brilliantly written.

Amazon Australia review

Great Read!


"The Final Crossing" is a captivating journey of self-discovery and adventure that follows the protagonist, Nenshi, as he embarks on a quest across the Ancient World. As a servant in exile, Nenshi is fueled by a desire to unravel the mysteries of his own existence. It was such a great read, a compelling story.

Vince Santoro's prose and artistry, characterized by its evocative and poetic nature, shines as he leads readers through the intricacies of Nenshi's quest. I was particularly impressed with how Santoro made Nenshi's search for spiritual meaning such a wonderful journey woven with biblical references that felt both authentic and immersive, making "The Final Crossing" a joy to read.

I highly recommend this gem that blends self-discovery with an epic journey across the Ancient World.

Amazon Canada Review

Engaging, Informative & Great Story

Kudos to Vince Santoro in writing such a well-written book. It was my first time reading a historical fiction book and was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable and interesting it was. The life challenges Nenshi went through had you sitting at the edge of your seat. Nenshi is such an interesting and likeable person I couldn’t help hoping that he would find what he was striving for in life, including the possibility of finding love.

I found the different types of worshipping God(s) very interesting, Vince intertwined Nenshi’s evolution in that regard extremely well in the story.

I highly recommend this book and I’m looking forward to the next one!

                                                                                     Amazon U.S. review

"However great a man’s natural talent may be, the act of writing cannot be learned all at once."


Jean-Jacques Rousseau

About me

Vince Santoro

My writing journey began at a young age, spawned by my sister’s love of poetry, my brother’s love of music and the books that became the underpinning of my imagination.


I gravitated towards historical novels - fiction, and non-fiction. When I eventually challenged myself to write a book, I realized that a degree in History was not enough to step into the writer’s world. I needed to learn the craft of writing.


I studied journalism; wrote newsletters and magazine articles; read and re-read books on writing; attended workshops; and of course, sat in solitude and drafted my first manuscript.


As English poet John Donne wrote, no man is an island. And so, I drew on the experiences of fellow writers to help me through my quest. The encouragement from family and friends nurtured my drive never to give up.


As my writing journey continues, I venture to unleash the lessons of life experiences, woven into stories to inspire, to inform and perhaps see the world in a different way.

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